Obsessed and proud — rebranding
the original fast casual burger chain

Launched in 2001, GBK were at the forefront of the gourmet burger revolution. However, as competition and customer expectations were increasing, they lost their way and were struggling for direction.

A new positioning as 'the burger obsessives' was created along with a set of company-wide behaviours to help them regain their sense of purpose. A new visual and verbal identity was then developed around the idea of everyone at GBK ganging together to spread burger joy. 

With inspiration from other gangs and clubs — from Hell's Angels to the Boy Scouts — the new identity never takes itself too seriously, but always champions the virtues of their finest gourmet burgers.

My role

Creative lead, including:

Strategy, creative concept, identity design and direction, copywriting, digital strategy and direction



The guys got in, understood the business, treated it like their own brand....but never in a fake way. They really meant it when they said, "we" felt ownership and responsibility for what we are trying to do."

Katie McDermott, Marketing Director