Salt — the new name and
brand for Orange in Switzerland

In 2012 Orange was sold to private equity firm Apax providing the perfect opportunity to create a new brand aimed specifically at their Swiss customers, free from the constraints of a parent company.

The new brand is built upon three insights: the customer should always come first; networks haven’t kept up with customer expectations of service and there’s an underrepresented, new and more authentic ‘Swissness’, free from mountain top clichés.

Instead of promising to save the world or make your day, this needed to be a network that is there when you need them and not when you don’t. A network that embraces its role as an essential ingredient in the lives of its customers.

From this came the name — Salt. An every day essential. Short, but big on attitude and a world away from rival networks.

The typeface further sets the network apart from the cold, corporate image of its competitors. The grain pattern harks back to the name and is built from the full point in the logo. Photography is genuine, showing real Swiss people going about their lives, never using models and never retouched. In all four Swiss national languages, the new tone of voice is characterful and to the point, but always grounded.

With the rebrand work complete and the launch advertising campaign produced, Apax Partners sold the company to Xavier Niel, the owner of French mobile phone company Iliad, for €2.3bn — an €800 million profit on their 2012 purchase. Under the new ownership, Salt launched in April 2015.

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Creative lead, including:

Strategy, naming, creative
concept, copywriting, identity, 
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We now have a modern, future-focused, brand identity.”

Sabine Kuszli, Director of Brand & Marketing Communications