A new way to get from A to B

With Zipcar's new service in Brussels, drivers can pick up a car from the street, drive to wherever they're headed and leave it there — there’s no need to loop back to where they started. This became the creative concept for the branding of the cars and the service: no journey the same.

The target audience for the Brussels service is young professionals who run their lives through their phones. To grab their attention and to communicate the ease of the service — forget the typical hassle of car ownership or pitfalls of standard car hire — the livery and communications needed to embrace a fun and immediate get-in-and-go attitude.

For cost reasons, complete coverage of the cars wasn't possible. Instead, the challenge was to create as much impact with the minimum coverage, whilst using the existing Zipcar brand elements. The logo mark is freed the from the name and becomes the starting point of the journey line. Each journey starts on the drivers door with an exaggerated Z, wraps around the back of the car and continues towards a second logo mark on the passenger side.

The cars in the Zipcar fleet use one of the Peugeot base colours and one of the dozens of journey lines — this creates a total of over 1,700 possible combinations, ensuring each vehicle is unique. Bold colour combinations of the journey lines are carried onto the members cards and in-car 'co-pilot', as well as the website and advertising.

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